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Adab Academy of Languages and Fine Arts is the home to
some of the best selected courses for their practicality. They
not only contribute to the personal knowledge of an
individual, but also improve his or her lifestyles in different
ways. In many cases, the language and artistic skills
acquired at Adab Academy help people advance in their
carriers and increase their income levels. Good examples of
such courses are learning Business Chinese or The Art and
Language of International Trade.

While Adab Academy is not a University and does not grant
Bachelor or Masters Degrees which will require 3 or 4 years
of full time commitment, it provides students with courses that
are helpful in changing their lives with small, but very efficient
sacrifices in terms of time and financial resources.

Contrary to government paid programs, private institute
based programs such as those offered by Adab Academy
are usually more tailored to the current needs of the society
and the market. Governmental course developments takes
years of political battle to be approved and running, and by
the time they are launched, the market shifts. On the contrary,
at Adab Institute, we are constantly reviewing the market
shifts and adjusting our courses based on that.

In short, the investment in Adab Education is one with the
lowest risk and fastest return.
Every  course at ADAB ACADEMY is chosen
and designed based on extensive research
and development and is meant to improve the
lifestyle of every student upon completion.
Good News

While offering the TOEFL preparation
courses (TPC), alongside "accent
elimination for executives" (AEE) and
Bilingual Generation (BG) courses for
children between 4 and 7, Adab
Academy administration has decided to
dedicate part of its facility for official
TOEFL examination.
Soon, TOEFL material can also be
purchased directly at the academy.
Now taking Applications
Classes Start March 1st.
English Classes
                        Adults Evening Classes
                        Children Saturdays
                        TOEFL Mornings or Saturday
                        GRE Prep courses

Interior Design
                        Afternoon Classes

International Trade
                       Afternoon Classes