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Chinese for Business
Tue Thu 4-5:30
pm/ or online
$330 or
Free for
CIE Club
Certificate of CB
%100 Learning
The truth is that almost all the serious production of goods has moved to China.
If you want to have a share in the commodity market today, you need to go to
China. Even with the best and most trustworthy translators, your basic
knowledge of the language helps you stay on top of your business.
It is much easier than you think. You pay the tuition once, but the academy is
going to take its time until you make at least 80 mark or B+ in this subject.
You will change the life by knowing the language of people who have taken over
the economy. You want to make REAL money? Go to china.
International Trade
Terms and Tricks
Mon Wed 4-5:30
pm/ or online
$330 or
Free for
CIE Club
Certificate of ITTT
Importers and exporters have always been among the wealthiest sector of the
society throughout the history. If you really like to make a wealth, have job that
does not occupy your time and leaves you with quality time and energy to enjoy
life, spend good time with family, friends, and loved ones, import and export is
the way to go. If you learn computers, you are doctor or a lawyer, your time is
what you sell for money, obviously in addition to your knowledge but you need to
spend more time to make more income as a professional.
As a merchant, however, you do not need to spend more time to make more
money. You spend time to make networks and find the right product, but then
the sky is the limit. Today in North America, almost all products are imported.
From food to technology, you can choose your domain and build your financial
The first step is to learn the alphabet of International trade and the trick and
turns in the North American System.

Invest the Best $330 that you ever invested in your life. Those who are
merchants and run their business from their boats are not only in the movies.
With the technology today, your good effort and our education on how to build
networks, find the right products, go through the legal channels, benefit from
government incentives, and negotiate the best deals on the purchase you will be
on the fast track to build your financial empire.
This is one step that your great grand children will thank you for having taken.
CIE (Canadian Import
Export) CLUB
Open All
ITTT Certificate + CB
Certificate + CIE Full
Membership for 1 year
Canadian Import Export Club Membership is a privilege that entitles you to Free
participation in the ITTT course and CB course. You will not only learn the
Chinese language, specifically for business purposes, but also receive
periodical bulletin of the club with insider information about hot products, up to
date rules and regulations, market trends, trade shows and what a merchant
needs to know to stay on top of his business. This is a great package deal for
those who want to do international trade and want to do it with China and
Chinese speaking neighbours.
This is one's ticket to a life full of wealth and pride. Pride in knowing what the
society needs and pride in being the first who brings in. Pride in never having to
burrow money for what you like to do and pride in being able to invest or spend
money without worrying about price tags.

The difference between those who have and those who don't, is in who knows
and who does not know how to make the money, and those who are willing to
invest money to earn money.
American English
Accent Perfection
Tue Thu 5:30 -
7:00 pm/ or online
Certificate of AEAP
Many of us, regardless of the number of years that we lived in North America,
give away our origins the moment we open our mouth. There is nothing wrong
with having an accent and it makes it more diverse and kind of cute, but to
succeed, to speak with power and authority, one needs to pronounce the words
correctly, from the correct part of the mouth, and with the right positioning,
pressure, and movement of the tongue.
To take a step higher, to advance, to impress, to lead, and to accomplish a
Perfect Accent is an extremely urgent piece of equipment in a person's toolbox.
Perfect your accent and see how better you will be received. After all, it's about
correct pronunciation.
Interior Design and
Renovation Coordination
Mon Wed 5:30 -
7:00 pm/ or online
Certificate of IDRC
How many people have great tastes, wonderful ideas, and the urge to work
flexible hours and use their creativity to make a living? While most artists such
as painters and musicians have a difficulty making the ends meet, Interior
Designers are affluent group who really enjoy doing what they get paid for.
Many Interior design graduates from other institutes tend to get out of touch with
two major realities: functionality and budget.
The IIDRC certified designers at Adab Academy learn from day one about
functionality, budget, and marketing so that their eduction serves them a lifetime
of creating wealth with clientele who love their work and keep referring them to

Make your goal to build a legacy. To have your signature designs, and to be
always realistic. Put your clients at ease with you and build your dream castles
and let those who trust you and your skills live in them
Fast Track Functional
Friday 5:30-7 pm/
or online
Certificate of FTFF
The best and most efficient way to learn any language is to live in that language.
To live in a language you need the basic skills. Those that can help you
comfortably communicate with people. Languages such as French are like a
deep and beautiful ocean. To master it may take many years. However to start
and communicate with people, get by, and be considered as someone who
speaks acceptable French can be done in one term. If you are new to Quebec,
planning to get immigration to Canada, or like to study and live in France, you
need a fast track good command of spoken and written French. This one term
Tools Application and
Nomenclature in English
and French, and Spanish
Sat 9-11
Certificate of TANEF
If you are moving to or live in the United States, Canada, UK, France, Australia
or anywhere that English or French are spoken, you need to know the basic
names of the tools in at least one of the two languages. If you own a business
and are hiring Spanish Speaking employees who have usually proven to be
among the Best, you better know at least the name of your tools in Spanish.  If
you are going to be in the Construction or Technical trades, you need this
knowledge as the 1st step in your trade. If you have any other profession, this is
what you need to know as the basic general knowledge. Everyone needs to take
this course. It will definitely come handy in life.
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