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More Money?

Most new start ups think they can have
a share in the market by undercutting the
prices of the larger companies.

Some start ups sell based on being cheaper. The cheap never grow
out of being "Start Ups" since they always work themselves out of
business without considering the minimum profits.

If the price is your only advantage over others, you better
change your line of business before you have to put a job
application at your nearby fast-food restaurant.

Although people shop around for the best value, the wise and
the best clients never buy simply because of the cheapest

Those who buy from the bottom of the line price supplier are
the "Cheapest" and "Most Difficult" Clients.
Their money is the hardest earned and is going to be the  the
hardest spent. They knock your price down and look for
opportunities to not pay you. As some colleagues put it "the
cheap customers Rape you before they pay you"; and you must
be lucky if they pay you in full.

 They have know appreciation of value, no respect for your  
hard-work, and no understanding of the quality. Yet, they are
picky and difficult. While they may not understand quality, they
know how to mimic quality oriented people when it comes to
pay the pitiful money that they have to give you for your
material, sweat, and skills.

Mercedess Benz or Cadilac have never been shy or apologetic
for not being the cheapest.

Stone business serves those who appreciate the beauty and
them who pay. Valueless rocks from the nature worked into  
invaluable marvels of art and  industry is not a something  that  
every cheap person deserves having.

Stone industry is not a place for people breaking their backs
and those of others to put cheap stone in some arrogant frugal
clients houses.

Stone industry is the place for proud men and women who
understand the value that their great art and wonderful industry
can ad to Rocks and have the skills to get the value they
deserve out of it.

Good Salesmanship is presenting the value to the clients
and making sure they appreciate it. You do not      need
salespeople to sell at the cheapest price. Any vending machine
can do that. Close your shop and auction your work on the
eBay. At least you get the highest bidder of the cheap ones
bidding on you.

In the coming issues we will discuss the techniques of how to
get the maximum value for your products and services, price  
prestige, and how to shed the worst of all clients and let your
competitors have fun with them.
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Mercedess Benz or
Cadilac have never
been shy or
apologetic for not
being the cheapest.
Sell Your Quality.
They are in fact
Proud to be
When you are the
Cheapest in Your City
who will buy from you?
Think again.