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                      Happy Holidays
Whether you see the Holidays as an opportunity to rest, the best time to re-
organize your shop and install the new machines, or merely a time wasted with no
work while the rent and mortgages do not stop, they are here.
Here are some advices:

1- Do not Sacrifice Family for work, Life has no reverse gears.
Children Grow up and Parents get old. Wives stay lonely and our health deteriorates.
Does the money we try to make reverse any of that?

2- Do not overkill with Gifts and Company Parties. They are not as appreciated
as you think. If anything, overkill parties generate envy of your workers and
Do you gossip about the hosts in the parties? No matter how much money you blow in
one night, there are some people who do? Is it worth burning your hard earned money
for them?

3- Have a Plan for January when you come back.
Try to keep some jobs for January. Tell your clients that you will install in January and
get contracts for the colder season.

4- Let everyone know when you will close in advance (min  3 weeks)
Instead of waiting till the last second to let everyone know you cannot do it before the
holidays. People may nag but they will wait if you are upfront about it.

5-  Try to use some ABSOLUTE SILENCE days. Nothing replaces a Good Sleep.
Like any of your machines, your body and your brain need maintenance. The human
anatomy is designed to fix itself. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep at least one day.  Even the
strongest creatures owe their strength to a good rest.

6- New Year New Approach
Try to implement the plans and positive improvements that you always had in mind.
Life is short and the clock is ticking.     

7- Stop Worrying and Stop thinking about work    
Nothing bad will happen if you divert your intention from work to other matters for a few
days. It helps you think more clearly and have a new vision when you resume